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Sally Williamson is approachable and responsive; that’s what clients like most when they initially meet her. When they get to know her better, they appreciate her dedication, integrity, knowledge, and professionalism. Sally customizes her strategy for the purchase or sale of each home and every buyer or seller to achieve the best possible results in each situation. To do that, she takes the time to get to know her clients to determine what is important to them. Sally has been a residential real estate agent for 10 years in partnership with her mother, Janet. Together they are a strong team with loyal clients who have described them as "unmatched" in their field with a "great mix of calm, warmth, aggressiveness and hard work."

Sally has lived in Marin since her family moved here from Scotland when she was two years old. She is an alumna of the Belvedere Nursery School, where her own children followed in her footsteps. Her two boys are currently students in the Reed School system. She has always been very involved in their schools, serving on the boards of both the Belvedere Nursery School and Reed School, as well as volunteering regularly during the school year. Her experiences growing up in Marin, and now, raising her own children here, have given her a perspective and in-depth knowledge she can share with clients.

She graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a degree in psychology. She enjoyed a successful career in sales with AOL Time Warner, specifically Sports Illustrated and Sunset Magazines, before deciding to pursue a career in residential real estate.

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What Clients Are Saying

" I am so happy to have trusted Janet and Sally as soon as we met, entrusting them with the difficult and extensive task of selling an inherited family home. Their professionalism, resourcefulness, responsiveness and effectiveness were just outstanding -- and done with charm, calm, humor and a huge amount of common sense. They pulled together an effective and hard working team of professionals very quickly. Each person did their work on time, competently, and when possible, creatively. Problems were responded to calmly, quickly and I never felt that money was being spent unnecessarily. Janet, Sally and Lexie made this sale go smoothly and quickly and were a great pleasure to work with. "

D. Carmichael

" Sally is wonderful and a professional agent. She helped me get organized to sell my home. She is a hard worker, sticks to a working calendar and gets the job done. Sally is dependable, knowledgeable and respected in the real estate community. She is a great representative to have when buying or selling your home. 

S. Bovich